Amicus Attorney 2010

Amicus launches new Cloud release!

 Read all about it in the attached media announcement!

Practice Management For Lawyers

Designed specifically for law firms, Amicus software solutions are used by tens of thousands of law firms around the world every day to manage their busy practices. Amicus Attorney legal practice management software empowers lawyers to do more, bill more and go home early. Solving problems for lawyers for over 20 years, Amicus products help you:

  • organize your practice
  • work more efficiently
  • provide better client service
  • improve teamwork
  • capture more billable time
  • bill more efficiently
  • collect more easily
  • reduce your risk

Designed by lawyers for lawyers, Amicus Attorney understands what you need to do and helps you do it. And it helps you get paid for it. How do you want your practice managed? With Amicus Attorney you have a choice: the world’s leading desktop software or cloud solutionWe would be happy to help you choose what’s right for your firm.

Freedom to work the way you want to.

What can Amicus do for you? Watch the Amicus Story Video.


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