Amicus Premium Billing Cuts Time Spent on Billing in Half for Attorney

Finds the Premium Billing software perfectly suited to the needs of their small law firm

Company: Hellum & McIntyre, LLC
Location: New London, CT
Number of Employees: 4

The Firm

Hellum & McIntyre, LLC attribute their several years’ of successful juvenile, criminal and divorce representation to a lot of hard work. Their objectivity and insightful assessments of each case help to achieve positive outcomes for their clients.

The Challenge

The prospering firm was looking for a billing program to make their billing process smoother than it had been in the past when they had been using Timeslips.

Hellum & McIntyre had been using Amicus Attorney since 1997 and were seeking a billing program that was compatible with Amicus. Ideally they were looking for billing software that would speed up their whole billing process so that they could increase productivity and maximize the firm’s growth potential.

The Solution

Hellum & McIntyre are currently using 4 licenses of Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 and Premium Billing 2011.

They utilize Premium Billing to generate client bills, as well as for trust account management.

The Benefits

The attorneys’ favorite thing about Amicus Billing is the shared data with Amicus Attorney. They like the fact that time dockets that are input into Amicus Attorney Premium Edition are automatically in Amicus Premium Billing too. With practice management, time keeping and billing capabilities all in the same program, the firm’s data management is more convenient and time efficient. “With this program, it’s all there! You simply switch between the Attorney screen and the Billing screen. Everything is a much smoother process and a lot faster for our paralegal to do.”

There is also no more linking of data between two separate programs, since with Amicus there is one product and one database. Instead of having to manually transfer the time they spent on a file into their old program, the time that they enter in Amicus Attorney is right on the screen when they toggle to Premium Billing, making bills easier and faster to generate.

The biggest difference with Amicus Premium Billing is the huge reduction in the time it takes to do their billing. “Compared to our last program, it has cut the time we spend on billing in half!” say the attorneys.

The firm values the efficiency of Premium Billing’s trust management capabilities as well, where they view all of their clients’ activities and allocate transactions to many files at once to save time.

Hellum & McIntyre also likes Amicus’ ease of use for the firm’s non-accountant staff. Since Amicus has been built by lawyers for lawyers, all of the Billing modules are as easy to understand and use as any other Amicus software. “Amicus Attorney and Premium Billing together have an extremely intuitive workflow and an easy-to-use interface. It’s so easy to use regardless of your area of expertise.”

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