New Law Firm Is Tracking and Billing More Time with Amicus Premium Billing

Attorney values being able to immediately identify outstanding bills and WIP time

Company: Jansen & Palmer, LLC
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Number of Employees: 3

The Lawyer

Jenneane Jansen provides representation in the areas of insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, and appellate and significant motions for her clients. Jansen & Palmer, LLC pride themselves on offering services comparable to that offered by mid-sized firms, but at small-firm prices. If they need additional resources they have a network of other small firms they work with to meet their clients’ needs.

The Challenge

The husband and wife team were initially looking for a reasonably priced practice management solution with a billing program that could integrate easily with it. They wanted to eliminate the need to dig through paper files to find key information, correspondence and documents.

After researching several websites for solutions reviewed in the American Bar Association’s Technology Section, Jenneane found that she liked the look and feel of Gavel & Gown’s Amicus Attorney solution. It seemed to organize data in ways that she found intuitive, plus she liked the price.

The Solution

Jansen & Palmer purchased three licenses for Amicus Attorney Premium Edition and Amicus Accounting in 2009 and have been running current versions ever since. As soon as Amicus Premium Billing 2011 became available, the firm purchased the software so they could leverage the new billing features to further streamline their practice.

The flourishing appellate lawyers use Amicus Attorney to track emails, enter time on a daily basis, and look up key document information. With Premium Billing the attorneys generate bills and identify outstanding bills and Work-in-Progress time on an ongoing basis.

The Benefits

Jenneane finds it very comforting to be able to immediately identify what bills are outstanding and what she has in WIP time. “The information is all on one page and written in attorney-speak, not accountant-speak, and it’s very handy to have it so readily available,” says Jenneane. “Having the ‘bill image’ right there to click on is AWESOME!” she adds.

The advantages of Amicus’ time entry capability continue to enhance the firm’s success. “Without a doubt, my favorite feature is the Time Entry Assistant. The auto-save feature that allows me to organize emails quickly is also nice. The “linked events” feature in the calendar allows me to move deadlines or due dates without having to remember to move every other to-do.”

Initially, Amicus Attorney was purchased to help manage the firm’s client files.

Now, with Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 and Amicus Premium Billing 2011 up and running, they are capturing a lot more time and billing for it. “We capture and bill considerably more time whenever we use the timers or the Time Entry Assistant. Before we got Amicus Attorney, we were tracking time in notes and typing them into bills, and we lost a ton of time due to failure to note it,” says Jenneane.

With respect to whether Amicus Attorney and Amicus Billing have changed her work experience, Jenneane is confident. “Yes. I have always been relatively hyper-organized. This reduces the paper clutter that I need to file or manage, which helps avoid being overwhelmed.” The easy toggle between the professional and business views of her practice makes it much easier for Jenneane to do her billing. She also likes the fact that the majority of the information that she needs for her files is readily available, backed up, and easily accessible.

“I’m convinced that if a friend of mine had had the software, he would still be in practice today. He ultimately left practicing law solely over difficulty with billing,” says Jenneane.

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