2011-Amicus Attorney 2009 Premium Edition

Our software is continuously evolving. The following is a summary of some of the new features that you'll find when upgrading from Amicus Attorney 2009 Premium Edition to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011.

Time Entry Assistant
Firm Member Availability
Client Matter Intake Form

Time Entry Assistant

Recoup all of your time! The Time Entry Assistant displays a list of all appointments, completed to do’s, phone calls, emails, notes and documents where no time entry has yet been recorded.


Filter your list by date range or choose to exclude items without a File assigned to them, outstanding phone calls and emails, notes or documents from your search.


Review the list, and with a single click:
- create that missing Time Entry
- use the Time Saver feature to auto-fill Time Entries for one or more items without having to open the detail dialog - open the detail dialog of each selected item
- better manage your time by optionally ignoring the selected item so the Time Entry icon will no longer appear in list views
- assign selected item(s) to a file
- print selected item(s)


Time Saver

Quickly and easily complete time entries en masse with the time entry auto-fill feature. All available data is automatically entered from the originating item (duration from an appointment or phone call, to do details…) without having to open the details.

Time Entries on Behalf of Another Timekeeper

Complete a time entry from the Time Entry Details screen on behalf of another timekeeper without opening that timekeeper's office - regardless of whether you yourself are a timekeeper.

Save & New

Improve your workflow with the Save and New button. Save a time entry and open a new one with single click.

Time Entries from Day View

Quickly view all your posted and unposted time entries recorded on a selected day from the Calendar day view.

Unposting Time Entries

A new security profile setting enables Amicus Administrators to restrict the ability to unpost time entries by firm members.

Task Based Billing Enhancements

Now when you open the task code selector dialog, the code set will auto-filter to match the code set assigned to the File. Improved workflow and less clicks when recording time on task-based billing files!

Firm Member Availability

Trying to contact, locate or schedule something for another firm member and don't have the time to track them down? You can now check on the current availability of all firm members from anywhere in Amicus Attorney. This feature is especially useful for receptionists, assistants and administrators. It is also helpful for firms who delegate work amongst paralegals, articling students, junior associates and for teams who share resources.


Check on the availability of other firm members, including the ability to:
- See if somebody is in or out of the office and when they are due back.
- See who is logged into Amicus. Also check login and logout times.
- See somebody's current availability status. You can either have Amicus auto populate your status based on your calendar (court, closing, lunch, vacation, available, unavailable) or optionally set your own status (do not disturb or other customized status).
- See somebody's workload status (heavy, medium, light).


Filter the firm member availability list to show all firm members or just your workgroup. You can also look up specific firm members.


Send email or stickies by simply selecting desired recipient(s) and right clicking anywhere in the Firm Member Availability screen.


Print a snapshot for tracking purposes.


Color Coded Events

Color code appointments and to do's based on the category assigned to the event.

Appointment Times

The new appointment time display makes it easier than ever to adjust appointment times from day, week or range calendar views. Set the time by simply dragging and resizing the appointment box to the desired appointment times.

Calendar Printouts

Preview and select from a variety of calendar print formats including:
- Day, Week, Month, Year, Date Range
- Appointment and To Do Summary, Appointment Details or To Do Details
- Tri-Fold
- Full Day View
- DayRunner E, Day Timer Portable or Franklin Covey Compact

Progressive Priority Levels

Better manage your tasks by setting to do's to have their priority levels automatically increase as items near their deadline. If the to do doesn't have a deadline, then the task's priority level will change based on the number of days it has remained on your list.

Show Adjournments

Appointments get postponed all the time. Now, when an appointment gets adjourned, you can track and view its history including original date, rescheduled date and reasons for adjournment from your calendar and on the file brad. An instance remains visible on your calendar on the original appointment date in a disabled state with the adjourned date appended to its title. Subsequent adjournments of the same appointment behave in the same manner.

Appointment Details

Grant selected individuals access to your appointment details from the calendar instead of just seeing your status as unavailable regardless of whether they are assigned to the file. And don't worry, restricted appointments are still restricted. Users who are granted access to other's appointments can open and edit event details.

Link Email to Events

In addition to linking documents to an event, you can associate saved emails to an event in your Amicus calendar for quick and easy reference.



An Amicus Tasks toolbar is now available directly from within Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Similar to the Microsoft Office toolbar, The Amicus Tasks toolbar in Adobe Reader/Acrobat provides you with the ability to:
- associate a PDF with files, contacts or your Amicus library
- check in and check out a PDF
- view document details, related people details and related file details
- send a PDF as an email attachment from Adobe to your Amicus contacts


SQL Server Reporting Services

Easily run and edit reports directly from Amicus through SQL Server Reporting Services. Sort, refresh and even access Amicus data directly from interactive reports.


Phone Labels

Now Amicus Administrators can use a new utility to change phone labels from either Mobile to Cell or Cell to Mobile for existing contacts or firm members that are assigned this phone label. Great for standardizing data and allows for more accurate Outlook synchronizations.

Business Cards

Quickly and easily produce an addressed envelope or cover letter from a contact's business card.

New labels indicate at a glance which of their phone, address, and other details are currently displayed on a contact's business card. You can also cut and paste selected content, the currently displayed address and the card image from a contact's business card.

Group Assignment Utility

Save time by making mass changes to contacts and firm groups. Simply select the desired contact(s) from the People module and right click. You can assign or remove multiple contacts to or from groups. Administrators can also manage firm member groups from the user management view.

Filter Contacts by Multiple Groups

Optionally filter contacts by multiple groups. Choose to see contacts that are in every group selected or contacts that are in any one or more of the selected groups.


Improved Client Matter Intake Form

In addition to ensuring that all pertinent file information is captured at the time an Amicus file is opened, you can now customize your firm's Intake Forms to prompt users to perform specific actions.

Conflict Check

Perform a conflict check against new clients.


Ensure that events relative to file type are properly scheduled from the outset by applying a precedent.

Document Generation

Generate a pre-selected document such as a standard letter to a client requesting a retainer, a file opening summary to use as part of its new file administration or a file label.

Email Generation

Save time by sending a template-based email addressed to a client.


Show Fields in File Index

Add more columns to your Index to show the Primary Client on the File, the Responsible Lawyer and whether the File is flagged to be excluded from the exchange with your accounting system. Easier to work with, easier to manage!

File Index Filters

Now it is even easier to work with your Favorite Files. New options for customizing your File Index lets you filter your list to Files designated as your Favorites.

When viewing Firm Files, you can filter by Responsible Lawyer, Firm Member, Client or Primary Client.

Primary Client

Easily indentify the Primary Client on a file which is now shown in bold on the People on the File listing.

Classified As Client

Gain flexibility by customizing any Role on a File to be classified as a Client Role category (ie: client, contact at clients, client's accountant…). You can use this new designation to filter for Contacts assigned to a role on a file that is classified as a client role.

Custom Pages/Records on Multiple File Types

Assign a Custom Page or Record to multiple file types. This provides more flexible customization for Administrators and better matter lifecycle management of Amicus Files. And you can switch the file type of an individual file and maintain custom field data.


Floating Toolbar

The Amicus Floating Toolbar has been revamped so the Timer controls open in a separate toolbar for further convenience and flexibility.

Global Navigation Menu

Quickly navigate to modules and perform frequently used functions with the right-click menu.


Negative Numbers

Supports negative values in both Numeric and Currency Custom Fields.


For enhanced readability, multi-line text fields are now displayed in larger text throughout Amicus. For example, in the Summary view in File Details, Custom Memo fields in File and People Details, Call Summary in Phone Calls, Note Details, Sticky Messages, and Activity Description in Time Entry Details.

Automatically Open Another Firm Member's Office

Set your preferences to automatically open another firm member's office when you login. This feature is useful if, for example, you are a lawyer's assistant and usually work in their Office.

Phone Auto Dialer Setting

Easily customize your analog phone modem settings directly from your communications preferences. The AutoDialer feature automatically dials a displayed phone number when you click the phone icon in Phone Call Details or on a person's Business Card.

Dynamic Group Assignment

Firm group assignments are constantly changing. Now you can assign files, events and contacts to firm groups that are dynamic to their current membership. For example, a file to which the Real Estate firm group is assigned will be accessible by the current members of that group. If a firm member is later added to the group, they will gain access. If a firm member is later removed from the group, they will lose access. And don't worry about the past - the list of firm members in a group assigned to a past appointment reflects the group's membership as of the date of that event.


Enhancements in Sticky message processing, list displays and dialog rendering result in overall performance improvements.

Enhanced Document Assembly

Performing document and email merge is now more efficient than ever. The new template-specific output setting ensures that only the information required by the selected template will be used as the data source for the merge.


Amicus Premium Billing 2011

Add billing, collections and trust to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 making it a complete practice management solution that manages both the professional and business sides of your practice.

Integration with Amicus Mobile 2011

Amicus Mobile 2011, a Premium Edition add-on, enables you to connect real-time to your Amicus server and work with your files, do time entries, make notes, schedule appointments, record phone calls and more. Your colleagues back at the office see your work right away and vice versa.


Third Party Links

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 integrates with the latest version of many third-party products including:
- Outlook
- Word
- WordPerfect
- HotDocs
- PCLaw
- QuickBooks
- Timeslips
- CompuLaw

Customized Time Entry Export Formats

The Accounting Profile Wizard gives you more flexibility for defining custom time entry export formats. And for formats that require a header row, you can customize the header names. You can also specify what value to output for the Billable/Non-Billable field.

Accounting Synchronization

PCLaw, Timeslips and Quickbooks users can optionally configure a global synchronization to automatically occur daily at a specified time.

Worldox Integration

Now you have greater flexibility in how client and matter fields are configured to map with Worldox profile groups. And a new filter allows you to open Worldox to view documents of a specific type from File Details.

Plus many more features that customers like you have asked for...

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 now supports:

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server® 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
32-bit and 64-bit Editions supported

Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011
Product Licenses 1st License Each Additional License
Upgrade from Amicus Attorney 2009 Premium Edition to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 $399 $349
Amicus Maintenance Plans*
Includes product upgrades and unlimited technical support
1st License Each Additional License
Maintenance for Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 (annual fee) $350 $250
Maintenance for Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 and Amicus Premium Billing 2011 (annual fee) $420 $320
Technical Support*
Includes unlimited technical support
1st License Each Additional License
Technical Support for Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 $295 $95
Technical Support for Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2011 and Amicus Premium Billing 2011 $395 $145
* Firms purchasing a single product (e.g., Amicus Attorney Premium Edition ) purchase maintenance/technical support for only one product. Firms purchasing two Amicus products (e.g., Amicus Attorney Premium Edition and Amicus Premium Billing) must purchase maintenance/technical support for two products.

New Features

Duration: 9 minutes 4 seconds

Watch this short video to see some of the new features in Amicus Attorney 2011 Premium Edition.
  • PDF Toolbar
  • File Index Additional Fields
  • Classified as Client Role
  • Task Based Billing Enhancements
  • Timekeeper Selection

(Also available in Windows Media Video)

New Features

Time Entry Assistant

Duration: 5 minutes 19 seconds

Watch this short video to see how with the new Time Entry Assistant you can instantly get a list of all appointments, completed to do's, phone calls, emails, notes and documents where no time entry has yet been recorded.

(Also available in Windows Media Video)

Time Entry Assistant

Time Saver and New Calendar Views

Duration: 5 minutes 19 seconds

Watch this short video to see how the new Time Saver feature lets you create multiple time entries at once with a single click. And see how you can access a list of your posted and unposted time entries from your Amicus Calendar Day view.

(Also available in Windows Media Video)

Time Saver and New Calendar Views