Amicus News
May 2012 - Volume 10, Issue 5


Appointment Reminders

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When things get busy in your practice, you need to ensure you have reliable tools to help you keep on top of the situation.

Amicus has many features that will trigger alerts for various reasons. For example, you can receive alerts on unread phone messages, or on files where too much time has been expended.

Amicus also allows you to automatically remind those associated with an appointment when its start time is approaching.

Within the Event Details – Reminders screen, Amicus gives you up to 3 reminder settings, providing the flexibility to enable different reminder methods and times for the various attendees.

Select which persons participating will receive the reminder: "Author" (the Firm Member who created the Appointment), "Firm Members" (which includes the Author), "Other People" (meaning external Contacts who may be attending), or "Everyone".

Then select the reminder method (Reminder Alert or Email) and the time to send the reminder (minutes/hours/days before the event or on a certain date).

Never worry again about forgetting calendar appointments. Keep everyone involved in the know about upcoming engagements by using the appointment reminders feature in Amicus Attorney!