Choosing The Right Amicus For You

Amicus Attorney makes your firm more efficient and profitable. All our products are designed by lawyers for lawyers and are famous for their intuitive approach, natural workflow and ease of use.

We recognize that different firms have different requirements. That is why there are different editions of Amicus Attorney. Regardless of your computing platform, area of practice or the size of your firm, there is an Amicus product that is right for you.

Amicus Attorney Premium is the world’s leading practice management solution. If you want the most assistance with your practice, best features, powerful automation, flexibility and customization, choose Premium. Now available with Amicus Anywhere - allowing you to manage your practice from anywhere, at any time on your smartphone, iPad, etc.
Amicus Cloud is an incredible solution that runs entirely in your browser. Manage your practice anywhere, anytime, on almost any device. Secure and reliable, with simply amazing email integration. Practice management on a higher level.
Amicus Attorney Small Firm is the choice for solo and small firm lawyers who want a desktop solution. Exceptionally easy to install and use, with an impressive range of functionality. No server required. And now you can track your time on a smartphone with Amicus TimeTracker.

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Learn about the differences between Cloud and Desktop versions

Freedom to work the way you want to.

I would recommend Amicus to anyone who is looking to stay ahead of the curve technologically in their practice. The ability to log time anywhere, anytime, creates the ability for me to spend more time at home with my wife and four month old son. I can take phone calls, work on documents, log the time and upload the work I have done, and then go to the office the next morning and start right where I left off..." Read more...
C. Creighton

"It pays for itself every day because it enables me to bill for at least a half an hour a day that I used to miss. The ease of use also makes it easy to train new staff and make them productive very quickly.   Also, "I travel a lot and work in my office remotely. With Amicus I can easily keep up to date, send messages to my staff and record my time." John Phipps