About the Amicus Academic Program

The Amicus Attorney Academic Program is designed to provide students and faculty at qualifying academic institutions with cloud and desktop versions of the world’s most popular practice management software platform.

Our commitment to our academic partners ensures that students receive practical training in all aspects of practice management, legal clinics are able to offer comprehensive pro-bono services, and legal programs continue to teach students utilizing the most widely used practice management software on the market.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Licenses of Amicus Attorney Premium Edition or Amicus Cloud
  • Phone and web based Technical Support
  • Exclusive content, white papers, training and consultation
  • Access to select industry experts
How does Amicus fit into the academic environment?
The Amicus Attorney Academic Program is designed to give qualifying legal educational institutions licenses of Amicus Attorney practice management software for use in the classroom and for non-profit legal clinics. This includes software licenses, support and training resources, and documentation for use in the classroom as part of the education process.
Our existing academic partners utilize our solutions in a number of settings:
• Classroom use in courses on legal technology, practice management and case management
• Pro-bono university-affiliated legal clinics
• General university and Law libraries
• Personal use by students and faculty members while enrolled/affiliated with a member institution

For additional program details, please visit the Academic Program page.

To apply to become a member of the Amicus Attorney Academic Program please contact Jenna Mitchell at jmitchell@amicusattorney.com or 800-472-2289 x297.