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Time, Billing and Accounting for the Law Office

Law firm accounting productivity begins with Amicus Small Firm Accounting! This powerful time, billing and accounting software package combines legal accounting and billing into one application. Developed strictly for law firms, Amicus Small Firm Accounting is rich in versatile features. It's a complete standalone financial management package for your firm with comprehensive financial and management reporting.

Delightfully simple to use, Amicus Small Firm Accounting can be used as a standalone tool or combined with Amicus Attorney Small Firm to integrate your front and back offices with one all-inclusive practice management solution.

Integrated with Amicus Attorney Small Firm

Amicus Accounting Office

With Amicus Small Firm Accounting, a simple, intuitive and standalone legal accounting package, you can increase your firm's efficiency by partnering Amicus Small Firm Accounting with Amicus Attorney Small Firm. This provides a complete front office - back office practice management solution.

Record Your Time

Amicus Accounting Time EntryProcessing time can be a time-consuming process! In Amicus Small Firm Accounting, all time-related activities can be performed from the Time Module, including hourly or flat-fee time entry, billable and non-billable entries. You can quickly edit unbilled time entries (or write-off unbilled time entries) and transfer time across clients and matters.

Of course you can also see all posted entries sent over from Amicus Attorney Small Firm.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Amicus Accounting ExpensesEnter and manage everything related to expenses, from recording expenses and editing unbilled expense entries to transferring expenses across clients or matters. You can even write-off unbilled expense entries. Once you've completed your task, you can then quickly issue individual payments or batch process your checks.

Generate Bills

Amicus Accounting BillingThis flexible billing program enables you to generate bills for either individual client files or for all client files by name, matter number or file number, and by any combination of Responsible or Assigned Lawyer, File Type and Billing Cycle. Of course, not only can you create bills, you can also reverse and print bills - for single clients or multiple clients. Amicus Small Firm Accounting also offers pre-billing functionality, the ability to reprint bills, plus it can issue A/R reminder statements, with (or without) interest!


Manage Your Receivables

Amicus Accounting ReceiptsThe Receipts module is amazingly flexible. Amicus Small Firm Accounting lets you enter client payments including general retainers and firm receipts. Enter payments from a matter with multiple invoices in just one step.

Amicus Small Firm Accounting also makes it easy to identify outstanding accounts promptly. A/R reports detail matters with outstanding accounts and trust balances so you can pay A/R and improve cash flow and collections.

Keep Up On Payables

Amicus Accounting Accounts PayablesAmicus Small Firm Accounting offers a broad Accounts Payable Module that allows you to add, edit and pay vendors, or automatically reverse checks. Utilize the onscreen drilldown capability to modify A/P invoices. You can also quickly view key vendor information here (through the "vendor inquiry" button). In addition, this module offers support for forms 1109 and 1106.

Check Writing

Amicus Accounting ChecksWrite checks to pay and post client expenses in a single step. Trust checks can be written on behalf of a client or general ledger trust account. Integrated security features help prevent trust overdrafts when writing a check.

General Ledger - Complete Accounting Capability

Amicus Accounting General LedgerA comprehensive G/L with a fully reportable audit trail is included in the package. Automatically post G/L entries for day-to-day accounting! This is the place for account and budget maintenance. You can even view bank balances, as per the system's records.

This is a complete accounting software package - no need to link to anything else. Your bookkeeper will thank you.

Total Trust Accounting

Amicus Accounting Trust AccountingTrust accounting is one of the elements that differentiates legal accounting from general business accounting. Amicus Small Firm Accounting's extensive Trust Accounting Module includes recording receipts, entering and editing trust checks, plus the ability to transfer trust funds to pay A/R invoices. Transfers can come from regular or interest-bearing trust accounts.

Robust Reporting

Amicus Accounting ReportingAmicus Small Firm Accounting includes more than 50 reports, including Billing Reports, Management Reports, Financial Reports and Income Statements.

Client Matter Details & Account Inquiries

Amicus Accounting Matter DetailsClients are the heart of your business and the beginning of any billing process. The detailed Clients Module lets you create and update everything related to client matter details in one easy-to-navigate module. This includes the ability to track transaction by client and matter! And as an additional security feature, you can control access to the screens people view, so if you don't want anyone to change your Client Matter information, you can lock everyone out.Amicus Accounting Client Inquiry

The Inquiry Module provides secure, view-only access to key accounting information, including client matter files, general ledger and vendor data. Since it's "view only," nothing here can be edited or manipulated.

The Client Matter Details screen and the Account Inquiry screen show a wealth of critical information. With a click of the mouse, you can see all the client data and account information in one central location! In addition, you can access time, expense, trust and A/R details with drilldown.

There's So Much More

  • Supports three accounting methods: cash, modified cash and accrual accounting
  • Includes Work in Progress (WIP) reporting
  • Administer security with ease by assigning functions and users to groups
  • A "keyboard-friendly" application
  • Supports UTBMS codes and task-based billing
  • Optional Payroll add-on

Integration with Amicus Attorney Small Firm

Amicus Accounting IntegrationAmicus Small Firm Accounting is a simple, intuitive and standalone legal accounting package. Why not enhance your law office productivity by partnering Amicus Small Firm Accounting with our practice management solution: Amicus Attorney Small Firm? Create a total front and back office system you and your staff will love.

Post your time in Amicus Attorney Small Firm and it automatically goes to Amicus Small Firm Accounting!Amicus Accounting Integration

Benefits of using Amicus Small Firm Accounting with Amicus Attorney Small Firm:

  • Robust time, billing, accounting and practice management package
  • Single data entry point for File, Time and Expense entries
  • Firm members can easily access their client and billing information from their desktops
  • One vendor - one solution, for all your support needs

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What people are saying about Amicus Small Firm Accounting:


"...elegantly easy to use..."

"This software is, like Amicus Attorney, elegantly easy to use, attractive, works splendidly with Amicus Attorney, and creates a great alternative to PCLaw. This software saves hours a month in time entry and billing production. Gavel and Gown has hit a home run."

Richard Georges
Future Lawyer


" excellent software package for small to mid-sized firms..."

"The evaluation in the five basic areas of professional timekeeping and billing: setup, entry, pre-billing, billing and reporting demonstrated an excellent software package for small to mid-sized firms looking for accounting to supplement an existing case management system or for those Amicus Attorney users looking to consolidate their software packages with a single vendor. Well done!"

Phil J. Shuey, Esq.
Shuey Robinson
Greenwood Village, CO



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