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The World's Leading Practice Management Software

Amicus Premium 2015 is the ultimate in practice management, designed for legal professionals who want the best. Intuitive and easy to use, Amicus Premium 2015 offers superior functionality and is powerful, flexible and scalable for firms of all sizes. Amicus Premium 2015 is designed to help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your firm and to help you, and your clients, get the most out of the time you spend practicing law. Amicus Premium 2015 is next level technology that will turn your practice into a powerhouse.

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Amicus Attorney is practice management made easy. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, this world leading software provides a comfortable, familiar environment. Amicus Attorney understands what you need to do and helps you do it. And it helps you get paid for it. A wealth of functionality is integrated into a single, lawyer-friendly system. Integration has so many benefits, from natural workflow to re-using information, enhancing teamwork and capturing more billable time. It will increase the organization of your firm and allow you to practice more efficiently.

Whats New In 2015

Amicus AnywhereEnhanced Productivity - Make 2015 your most productive and profitable year ever! Remain in control, whether you’re in the office, or on the go.

• Improved file automation.
• Easily refined document searches.
• Work faster and get better matter overviews.
• New chronology view.
• New module in Amicus Anywhere allows you to add notes.
• Incredible organizational tools are easily accessed in your browser.
• Precedent workflows that automatically delegate tasks based on each firm member’s role.

Amicus Premium 2015 has a brand new look to go along with its game-changing features!

• You will still see the same intuitive features, now with an updated, modern design.
• Amicus Premium 2015 looks like it works. Sleek, fresh and top of the line.

Client Portal

Amicus AnywhereThe Amicus Client Portal opens up another layer of collaboration with clients. This new feature gives clients real-time access to select Amicus matter information through a secure online portal.

Grant specific clients access to particular matter Files, and to particular Documents, Notes and Events on those Files. Clients can then log in and view that shared information whenever they want through a browser. They can also upload new documents and add new Notes on those files.

Each Client can be given their own account to log in and collaborate on documents and add their own notes. They can also view select Files along with shared appointments, tasks, documents & notes.

*The Amicus Client Portal is available as an opt-in when you sign up for a maintenance plan*

Amicus Anywhere

Amicus AnywhereAmicus Anywhere is a mobile extension that lets you use Amicus Attorney Premium Edition on almost any device, anywhere, anytime.

Amicus Anywhere gives you a real-time connection to Amicus Premium through a browser - providing all the core functionality someone working outside the office would need. So whether you want to use a home PC, Mac, iPad, other tablets or even a smartphone, you can manage your practice from wherever you might be.

With Amicus Anywhere you have the ability to access and work on documents that are stored on your own secure server.  It gives you an unprecedented level of flexibility, convenience and accessibility to your documents - regardless of location or device.

It really is like having your cake and eating it too!

The security of having your own database on your own server – nothing is stored in the cloud or on your device. The full power and functionality of the world's best and most complete practice management system – much more than any "cloud" product could offer.
The freedom to use it from anywhere on any device.

You get the advantages of cloud, and the powerful that comes with the features of the desktop Premium Edition.

*Amicus Anywhere is available as an opt-in when you sign up for a maintenance plan*

More about Amicus Anywhere

 Amicus TimeTracker

Amicus TimeTrackerAmicus TimeTracker brings Amicus Attorney to your mobile phone. Now you can see and do your time entries on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere!

Imagine the convenience of being able to do your time entries wherever you are. Capture billable time you were losing before by recording it live on your phone!

Amicus TimeTracker makes your smartphone an extension of your Amicus Attorney. It provides an instant, live connection to your time entries from your phone. No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have a smartphone, you can record your time. Create new time entries, edit previous ones, see your list and running totals for the day, week or month. Your file list is at your fingertips. Handy shortcuts help you do a complete time entry with just a few touches. The second you hit save, it is not only on your phone, it is also in your Amicus database at the office. So your time is on the client file and ready for billing, wherever you are!

More about Amicus TimeTracker

File Information Is Instantly Accessible

Amicus FilesClient matters are the building blocks of your practice - you open a file for each. Everything you do and everything you bill revolves around these files. Amicus Attorney understands this. It makes all your files and all the file content instantly accessible, better organized and much easier to use.

By just clicking on a file you can see all the associated people, appointments, tasks, documents, research, time spent, emails, phone calls and more - or a complete chronology of everything. Draft documents. Plan the next steps. Review the history. Report to your client. Quickly produce different types of status reports. Customize your own pages of information to track whatever you need in your practice. You can even save some or all of the steps of a typical transaction as a “precedent” to re-use next time you have a similar case. Or link events according to the legal rules. Everything is at your fingertips.

Dailies - Proactive Assistance

Amicus DailiesThe Amicus Dailies module helps you answer the question "What's going on today?". In one integrated desktop, it provides you with an overview of your practice, your firm, the legal community and the world around you.

Daily proactive practice reminders such as today's critical events, advice on managing your To Do list, reminders to make or post time entries and suggestions for business development help you stay on top of your practice.

View all of your appointments, tasks, messages and emails in an easy-to-read format so you know at a glance what you have to do today. Optionally use the customizable Dashboard to create your very own personalized screen to see and work with information that is most important to you.

Calendar - Manage Your Day

Amicus CalendarThe Calendar in Amicus Attorney provides comprehensive scheduling that works the way you do. Manage appointments, tasks, deadlines (and more) for yourself, everyone in your workgroup or your entire firm.

The Calendar is flexible and allows you to display your information in a wide variety of formats. Create and save customized calendar profiles, identify and schedule shared resources or use the handy date calculator. Link events for rescheduling together. Automate your court docketing. Convenient group scheduling allows for easy identification and scheduling of everyone’s calendars.

Flexible appointment reminders make sure you never miss an appointment.

Email notification of new and changed events means that nothing slips though the cracks.

Tasks - Manage Your To Do's

Amicus TasksThe Tasks module is the ideal place to get organized and get things done. It’s your ultimate To-Do list and it couldn’t be faster – just type and hit return. Each line becomes a “To Do” in Amicus so you will never lose track of it.

But that’s just the start. You can also see a list of all your tasks over a given time period so you can sort and set priorities. The program makes it easy to assign tasks to others and monitor their status. You can even link related tasks so that they are scheduled in relation to each other.

View tasks for anyone in your workgroup, or use custom task profiles to include who, how and what tasks to display. There is even a TimeLine view to display Tasks chronologically across the screen.

Best of all, the ability to edit-in-place allows for rapid creation and modification of tasks.

Keep Track Of The People In Your Practice

Amicus PeopleThe people module is a truly flexible and powerful contact manager and Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) tool that stores information about all of the people you interact with in your practice.

For each person you can see complete contact information including lists of events, communications, files, documents, relationships and more. Start a phone call or a letter, send an email or go to a web page with one click of the mouse.

Stay in touch with clients easily with valuable business development tools and reminders.

Conflict of interest checking will help you reduce risk in your practice.

Universal Communications Management

Amicus CommunicationsStay on top of all your communications. Track email, phone calls and messages in one place. Know whom you need to get back to - and whom you are waiting to hear from - with information that’s completely integrated with your files. So with a single click from a phone message you can remind yourself of who they are, what their file is about, and what was last done. You’re more in control when it’s all in one place!

One-click time entries ensure you bill for all of your communications, including your emails, whether sent or received.

Amicus Attorney integrates with Outlook® so completely that Outlook’s email view actually appears within Amicus Communications. So you have the best of both worlds, with no compromise: all the features of Outlook email and all your Amicus information at your fingertips. All your emails can be tracked, automatically cross-referenced to files and available for one-click billing.

Keep Track Of Your Time

Amicus Time SheetsBill more time, more easily. While you work, Amicus Attorney is in the background, keeping track of what you are doing. It will often present you with a time entry, completely filled in for you. Or you can create new time entries with handy shortcuts, far easier than scribbling them out on paper. Use the floating timer toolbar if you like - it’s available in any application.

Send time entries electronically to your accounting system, so that time gets to accounting faster, more accurately, and without anyone having to retype it. Ensure that bills never go out without all your time on them. See the time on a file. See cross-sections of your time by activity, file type, date range and more. Review your time by day, week, month or year. Be alerted when you have forgotten time entries. Check out how your billable hours compare with your goals for the year.

Take Note

Amicus NotesUse the “magic” legal pad for fast recording of any action item, note, fact or task.

Record anything at any time as a note. No details dialog to call up, no buttons to click, no selections to make - just get that thought down while you are thinking of it. Then later, you can cross-reference the note to a particular file, or convert it into a different type of record. Or send notes as messages to colleagues.

Eliminate the clutter of paper notes around your desk.

Save Time Using Favorites

Amicus FavoritesBookmark the items you use most often in Amicus by adding them as a favorite.

The Favorites Module holds anything in Amicus that you use on a frequent basis. Just right-click on any list to add the item as a favorite.

Favorites can be used to provide quick access to your most pressing Files or Contacts. The module can also hold your Notes, Documents, Library pages, and even your Internet Explorer® favorites. Commonly used items are never more than a click away.

Integrated Knowledge Management

Amicus LibraryThe Library in Amicus Attorney is a unique knowledge management tool that integrates legal research into your client matter files and the balance of your practice management. Using the Library, you can keep all of your information resources, such as research memos, opinion letters, factums, online services and Internet or Intranet sites at your fingertips.

The Library is a firm-wide repository for research and expertise. You can store information in personal and firm-accessible sections that grow with your practice. It can also act as a gateway to online legal research and other resources and allows you to track access to paid services.

The incredibly flexible organization structure can be tailored to your specific needs. All library information can be filtered and searched.

Find and Control Your Documents

Amicus DocumentsFrom a single, centralized location you can have quick and easy access to all documents on Amicus files, contacts and events. Manage your own or firm-wide documents. With a click you can open, edit and print documents, check them in or out, add new or delete existing files, create time entries for working on the documents and add them to your Favorites list for quick access.

And with Amicus Anywhere you have the ability to access and work on documents regardless of where you are or which device you are working on.

Convenient.  Flexible.  Information at your fingertips.

Amicus – In Your Documents

Amicus DocumentsThe Premium Edition is dynamically linked to the applications in Microsoft® Office. So you can access your Amicus information without ever leaving the document you are working on.

Save your document to a file in Amicus from within Word or any other Office application. Do a time entry for working on a document without ever leaving the document. Word will even recognize the names of your Amicus files and contacts as you type, creating links back to even more Amicus information. For example, you can click on someone’s name in a document to insert their address, make an appointment with them or bring up their full contact information. Or select any topic in your document and search across Amicus for more information about it. Many of these features are available in WordPerfect® too.



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Your feature tour will open in a new window. Click on any image to expand it to full-screen size.
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What people are saying about Amicus Attorney Premium Edition:


"I couldn't imagine switching to another product."

"This is an outstanding product with great versatility and reliability. We have used Amicus for 17 years, and Premium Edition, with full Outlook integration and document generation, along with PCLaw integration for 4 years. I couldn't imagine switching to another product."

David J. Thompson
Tax Lawyer, Advocates LLP

"I regret that I didn’t get Amicus earlier..."

"It’s the best out there and I regret that I didn’t get Amicus earlier. The deadline tracker is excellent. The note section makes every file you open up to similar to a doctor reading a hospital chart. When a client calls for an update, I don’t even have to get a physical file out to talk to him or her. All of my notes are laid out perfectly on Amicus. The billing side works well without issues. I can say without batting an eyelash that Amicus is definitely worth the investment.”

Morris E. Fischer, Esq
Morris Fischer Law


"The hub of your practice..."

"Every module in this well-designed practice management system is chock full of features and connections that make Gavel & Gown's claim that the system can serve as ‘the hub of your practice’ seem a lot less like marketing hype.”

John Waters
Legal Technology News


"I absolutely SWEAR by Amicus…"

"I absolutely SWEAR by Amicus. I’ve used it for years, I get each upgrade as soon as it comes out and the support is fantastic. I cannot say enough good or recommend it highly enough.”

Janne Osborne
Attorney at Law
Orangeburg, SC


"Law practice is like trying to hold 200 ping-pong balls underwater…"

"Law practice is like trying to hold 200 Ping-Pong balls underwater at the same time. I’m convinced that Amicus has increased my income, lessened my malpractice exposure, enabled me to provide better service to my clients, and has increased my free time. There’s just a lot less stress when things are organized so beautifully.”

Chelsea C. Korte, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Ellensburg, WA


"It is the easiest to learn and use."

"Not only is Amicus Attorney the most complete practice-management software, it is the easiest to learn and use. Since the onscreen appearance is just like the paper files and messages an attorney is used to using, the transition is very easy. Every phone message, docket, and document that we create is instantly on screen in front of us.

The practice of law becomes much more interesting as you are actually spending time being a lawyer rather than being a paper manager. I looked at other practice-management software, but I think Amicus Attorney is unquestionably the best to use. People will not resist converting to it because it is so easy to learn. It also is the best program for integrating everything we do, including e-mails, calls, messages, scheduling, time and billing, document creation and document management."

Martin Hughes
Martin Hughes & Associates
Worthington, OH


"…all the information you need at your fingertips."

"Amicus will make your law practice even more efficient, productive and rewarding - putting all the information you need at your fingertips."

Gerald L. Kane, Esq.
Encino, CA


"A virtually indispensable tool…"

"I have no doubt that Amicus Attorney has accelerated the speed with which I can respond to clients' needs … In my view it is a virtually indispensable tool for a modern day practice where the goal is the quick, efficient and high quality delivery of legal services to clients."

Robert L Colson
Teplitsky Colson LLP
Toronto, ON


"...your fine technical support staff."

"I have been extremely negligent in not writing this letter earlier, but sometimes the most important things we want to do are not always what we get to do! This letter is to compliment you on your technical support department. Although I have dealt with many, many companies and their technical support staffs, none of them can begin to compare with yours. I have only the highest praise for you in that regard. All too often, we are quick to complain but slow to compliment, and I wanted you to know that not only do I love my Amicus Attorney program, but I compliment you most heartedly on your fine technical support staff. Computer programs can only be as good as the technical people you employ. Thank you for covering all bases in your company. I recommend your product and company to all of my professional friends!"

Judith B. Petrucci
Law Office of Judith B. Petrucci
Lyons, IL


"I wish I had purchased Amicus years ago!"

"I have been practicing law for about 17 years. I, just recently, purchased Amicus Attorney; I had been managing my client information using Excel and other rudimentary programs. I had considered purchasing Amicus many years ago (I am a former Mac user – and Amicus was, originally, written as a Mac program). At $500, I thought Amicus was "too expensive" for my solo practice. Now, I wish I had purchased Amicus years ago! After using Amicus, I realize it was really "too expensive" (in time, frustration, etc.) NOT to have a good case-management program! Now, all of my case information, daily calendar tasks, to-do lists, telephone messages, etc. are organized and easily accessible at the push of a button. I might, also, mention I just went to a "paperless" office -- what a dream! Just click, and any document is instantly on my screen -- no more searching for the file!!!"

Richard Hutchins
Hutchins Law Office
Saint George, UT


"I have never been as thrilled as I am now..."

"Although I have been using Amicus Attorney for a good deal of time, I have never been as thrilled as I am now with all the wonderful things that you have brought to us to assist in taking care of our law practices. Your company has been so good in supplying technical support to the legal community, and I, like many of us, really appreciate all you do! Thanks so much for your constant service to the practice of law."

Judith B. Petrucci
Law Office of Judith B. Petrucci
Lyons, IL


"… you want to use it all the time."

"My desk used to be covered in stickies, now they are actually in the file along with all those incomplete notes that never quite got organized. Amicus Attorney looks good, so good you want to use it all the time."

Gabriel C. Vine
Vine Law Firm, LLC
Rockville, MD



Hardware and Software System Requirements

Linking to Other Products

Mobile Access

Amicus Anywhere and Amicus TimeTracker are mobile extensions that let you manage your practice from a web browser.

Supported Devices: Amicus Anywhere can be run on PCs and Macs, and on tablets: iPad, Android, BlackBerry Playbook, and Windows Surface.

Supported Browsers: Minimum of Chrome 16, Firefox 9 , Safari 5, IE 9
Amicus Application Server must be running and maintain an Internet connection. Firm must have a valid Maintenance Plan.



Amicus TimeTracker was designed for tracking your time from a web browser using a smartphone or tablet.

Supported devices: Smartphones: iPhones, Androids (4.4.x / 4.3.x / 4.2.x / 4.1.x / 4.0.x / 3.x), BlackBerry Z10 / Torch 9860 or 9850
Tablets: iPads, Androids (as above), BlackBerry PlayBook, Windows Surface * Can also be run on PC / Mac.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox (ESR), IE (11,10)
Amicus Application Server must be running and maintain an Internet connection. Firm must have a valid Maintenance Plan.


Accounting Links


Add billing, collections and trust to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2014 making it a complete practice management solution that manages both the professional and business sides of your practice.

Supported Versions: Version of Amicus Billing must match your version of Amicus Attorney.

The dynamic Accounting Link with Timeslips® allows you to automatically share your Client and File information between the two programs, and allows you to post your Amicus Attorney time entries directly to your Clients in Timeslips. The link also features the Account Inquiry option.

Supported Versions:  Timeslips 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016; Timeslips Premium

The dynamic Accounting Link with PCLaw™ allows you to automatically share your Client/File and Matter information between the two programs, and allows you to post your Amicus Attorney time entries directly to your Matters in PCLaw. The link also features the Account Inquiry option.

Supported Versions:  Supported Versions: PCLaw 12, 13, or 14

The dynamic Accounting Link with QuickBooks® products allows users to automatically share information between the two programs, minimizing the amount of data entry. Client/Files in Amicus Attorney exchange with Customer: Jobs in QuickBooks, Vendors are optionally exchanged to Amicus, and time entries are posted directly to QuickBooks.

* Integration with Amicus Premium Billing differs. See the Amicus Premium Billing Specifications tab for details.

Supported Versions:  QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions currently supported by Intuit, up to and including Version 2015 
(U.S. & Canadian Windows versions only)

Premium Edition features a specially formatted export template to transfer time entries to Tabs3. The template also enforces rules in Amicus Attorney to ensure that data is entered in a format compatible with Tabs3.

An additional Tabs3 utility program is required (available from Software Technology, Inc.).

Integration: Time Entry Export Template compatibility

Premium Edition features a specially formatted export template to transfer time entries to Juris. The template also enforces rules in Amicus to ensure that data is entered in a format compatible with Juris.

Integration: Time Entry Export Template compatibility



Other Accounting Options

Amicus Attorney also provides templates that work with the following accounting programs: Brief Accounting®, Elite®, Legal Vision®, Canterbury Lighthouse®, Verdict, PCLaw Remote.

Integration: Time Entry Export Template compatibility

If you don't see your accounting system in the list, you can still have it work with Amicus Attorney. If your accounting system has the ability to import, then you can create a custom template in Amicus Attorney that will allow you to post your time entries to your accounting system.

Document Automation

Microsoft Word

Amicus works with Microsoft® Word® for document assembly template merge, associating documents to Amicus files, contacts, or library items, and checkin/checkout. Smart tags in Word are also supported. Must be installed with Macro Support.

Supported Versions: Word, 2007 SP3, 2010 or 2013. 1,2,3 
32-bit only - Integration with Microsoft Office 64-bit Editions is not supported.

Word Perfect

Amicus works with Corel® WordPerfect® for document assembly template merge and associating documents to Amicus files. Must be installed with Macro Support.

Supported Versions: WordPerfect X4, X5, X6 3 or X7


Amicus works with HotDocs® document automation software with both Word and WordPerfect for document assembly template merge and associating documents to Amicus files. Must be installed with Macro Support.

Supported Versions: HotDocs 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 10 or 113

Automated Court Docketing


Automatically schedule your court dockets according to State and Federal court rules. By licensing CompuLaw's court engine for use with Amicus, you can schedule hundreds of related dates in just seconds. All the appropriate deadlines are instantly entered on your calendar and in your client's file.

Integration: Full rules integration - enhanced integration

Requires: CompuLaw® Date Calculation Software (V10) and CompuLaw Court Rule Sets.

SQL Server Express or a full-use SQL Server.
(For Offline Workstations, see the CompuLaw Link Guide.)

Document Management Software


Integration with Worldox® allows you to take full advantage of the document management capabilities of that application within your Amicus environment. Client and Matter information is exported to Worldox from eligible Amicus Files. You have easy access to Worldox documents on Amicus Client Matter Files and Amicus Library resources, as well as the powerful search capabilities of Worldox.

Supported Versions: Worldox GX (OR-1 or later), GX2, GX3, or GX4

The integration with Dropbox® lets you add and edit documents within Dropbox.  It creates folders for all your client files in Dropbox, so when you add a document to that folder it appears in Amicus – automatically associated with that client file.  Anyone with access to that file in Amicus can now access the documents making it easy to collaborate.

Requires: Amicus Server and internet access to firm Dropbox account. Firm Members require Dropbox account with share rights to applicable firm Dropbox folders to add/edit documents.

Email Integration

Email Integration works with Microsoft Outlook on the Workstation (client-side) or with Exchange (server-side) to handle incoming and outgoing messages, including attachments.

Supported Versions (client-side): Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 is required. 32-bit only. A POP3 email account may be used if other requirements are met.

Supported Versions (server-side): Microsoft Exchange (minimum 2007 SP3) installed locally at your firm or used in a hosted configuration (including Office 365).


Contacts & Calendar Integration

Mobile Devices


Regardless of what type of smartphone you use (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.), Amicus lets you use either a Outlook/Exchange Contacts & Calendar Link or Google Contacts & Calendar Link as conduit for integration with handhelds.

Choose the one that works best with your smartphone.

Other Requirements: Handheld device that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or your Google account.
If using Google Sync: A valid Google Account.
Microsoft Outlook

Amicus now integrates directly with Microsoft Exchange which means Outlook and Amicus are constantly communicating, even when desktop applications aren’t running. (ie. updates to your Outlook Contacts or Calendar on a mobile device will instantly be reflected in Amicus, and vice-versa.  This ensures users are always getting real-time information.)

Requires: Microsoft Exchange Server (Minimum 2007 SP3) on firm or hosted server.

Premium Edition users can synchronize Microsoft Outlook or Google Contacts & Calendar entries directly with Amicus.

Bi-directional link includes automatic polled synchronization for changes on Appointments and Contacts.

Requires: Internet access to each Firm Member’s Google Account or Google Apps Account. 

Report Writing

SQL Reporting Services

Run and edit reports directly from Amicus through SQL Server Reporting Services. Sort, refresh and access Amicus data directly from interactive reports.

Required: SQL Reporting Services installed on Amicus Database Server. Optional feature available for SQL Server.

For Report Authoring: SQL Reporting Services Report Builder 3.0 or 2.0 is required. Compatible version depends on your SQL Server.
For further detail see Hardware and Software Requirements Document

PDF Integration

Adobe PDF

An Amicus Toolbar available directly from within Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe Reader® provides great workflow for those who scan documents.

Requires: Adobe Acrobat XI, X, 9 (9.2.0 or higher) or Adobe Reader XI, X, 9 (9.2.0 or higher)

1 Integration with 64-bit third-party applications (including Microsoft Office 64-bit editions) is not supported. 
64-bit Microsoft Exchange is supported.
3 Integration with Click-to-Run delivered versions of Microsoft Office is not supported.
4 Integration with older versions that are no longer supported by their applicable third-party vendor (e.g. Word 2003, WordPerfect 10) will likely continue to work with Amicus but have not been tested with Amicus 2014. Technical Support for links with unsupported third-party products is limited.