Program Details

The Amicus Attorney Academic Program is designed to give qualifying educational institutions licenses of Amicus Attorney practice management software for use in the academic setting for a flat annual fee. This includes software licenses, support and training resources, and documentation for use in the classroom as part of the education process. Customized services are also available at a discounted price. Please note that academic use covered by this program constitutes use by faculty, students and staff within the educational process of the program or insitution. Use by in-house university counsel for non-educational purpose is not covered by the Amicus Attorney Academic Program.

Am I eligible to participate?

If your academic institution graduates legal professionals of any designation the answer is yes. Lawyers and law firms who use practice management software consistently report higher client and staff satisfaction, lower malpractice claims and higher billing and profitability. Amicus Attorney is the world’s most widely used practice management system and is the standard by which all others are measured. By introducing practice management at school, your students will benefit from greater practical exposure in the course of their academic process and will be better prepared for post-graduation work.


Our Academic Program includes the use of Amicus Premium Edition + Amicus Anywhere or Amicus Cloud products designed to provide the most comprehensive practice management experience to your students and faculty, subject to your institution meeting our software requirements. If your institution uses Microsoft SQL 2008 or later, or a Microsoft Exchange server, you will be able to use our products. Please note that Amicus Attorney Premium Edition requires Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition licenses which are not included in the academic program and must be provided by the institution.

Support & Training

By joining the Amicus Attorney Academic Program your institution will gain access to unlimited telephone and web support in accordance with our support agreement. The hours for support are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Support is restricted to registered staff of the institution. Students using Amicus Attorney as part of their schooling should use internal resources for assistance and training.

Our objective is to provide Amicus Attorney Academic Program customers with the best experience possible. Training will be made available via webinar along with local training opportunities through the use of Amicus Certified Consultants.


Gavel & Gown Software will provide supporting materials and documentation to assist the institution in both classroom and clinic settings. Materials will include recorded webinars, written manuals and class inserts, exercises and quiz notes.


For further information about our Academic Program for Educational Institutions, please
contact Jenna Mitchell at 800-472-2289 extension 500 or via email at