Maintenance Plan

The world of software is complex and constantly changing. Changes in operating systems and other non-Amicus software products happen all the time. When these changes occur they often require updates to Amicus software to accommodate them. In order to receive these updates and continue to operate smoothly in a constantly changing environment, your Amicus needs to stay up to date. That means you should always be running the most current version of your Amicus software. The Amicus Maintenance Plan is the most cost effective way for you to do this.

The Amicus Maintenance Plan provides law firms with the peace of mind of knowing they are always up to date and fully supported. Get all of your software upgrades and all of your support guaranteed for three years forward, at a price less than the cost of an upgrade! When you sign up for an Amicus Maintenance Plan you get:

  • Amicus Anywhere (Premium Edition Only): As part of the Maintenance Plan, you gain the ability to manage your practice from anywhere using a smartphone or mobile device.
  • Amicus TimeTracker (Premium and Small Firm Edition): Enrolling in maintenance gives you access to TimeTracker, giving you the ability to do time entries from anywhere using a smartphone.
  • Amicus Client Portal (Premium Edition Only): Collaborate with your clients through a client portal. Your clients can use a browser to view and download documents, see their file, provide commentary and upload relevant information.
  • Product Upgrades: Automatically receive all software upgrades and updates released.
  • Unlimited Telephone Support: Call us toll-free from anywhere in North America with no limit on the number of inquiries.
  • Pre-Arranged Call Backs: Schedule a time that is convenient for you to have one of our support technicians call you.
  • Unlimited Email Support: Send your technical support questions to and we will respond back.
  • Remote Desktop Assistance: Gavel & Gown Technical Support Representatives can remotely access your desktop to help diagnose and resolve incidents. (Customers always have full control of all remote sessions including access to a log of support activity. This service requires Internet access at the workstation - a high-speed Internet connection works best.)

There really is no better or more affordable way for your law firm to ensure the quality and consistency of your Amicus experience.

Plans are active for 3 years from their purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amicus Maintenance Terms and Conditions


You must purchase a plan for an amount of users equal to the number of Amicus product licenses that you have registered. Firms purchasing two Amicus products (e.g. Amicus Attorney Premium Edition and Amicus Premium Billing) must purchase maintenance or support for both products if they purchase maintenance or support at all.

See product and maintenance pricing

Amicus Maintenance Plans are only available for the currently shipping version of Amicus products.

See Product / Maintenance Pricing
Amicus Satisfaction Guarantee

Amicus Maintenance Plans are only available for the currently shipping version of Amicus products.