Amicus Attorney Premium Edition Customization Package

The Amicus Attorney Premium Edition Customization Package is a complete package of technical and training services designed to customize your Amicus Attorney for your firm.

How does it work?

At a scheduled date and time, an Amicus Services Technician will connect to your firm’s computers over the Internet and work with you to customize your Amicus Attorney software.

First, they will work with you to step through each customizable list and tailor them specifically to how your firm functions. These lists include (but are not limited to), File Types, Business Types, Matter Came to Us, People Groups, Event Categories, Billing Rates, etc.

Next, they will take you through the customization of custom fields/records and the File Intake forms for each file type you’ve just finished customizing above.

Once this customization is complete, the technician will take you through an hour of training, designed specifically to teach you what you want to know. Our suggestions for best practices will also be shared during this session.

What’s included in this service package?

  • List customization
  • Custom Field/Record Customization
  • File Intake Customization
  • 1 Hour Custom Training

How long does this service take?

Completion of this Services Package usually requires 4 hours of time, which includes 1 hour of training time. It will require someone familiar with how the firm operates to be present throughout the duration of the service.

Are there any other services I should consider?

You may want to consider the Amicus Premium Edition Startup or Upgrade Package which will further customize your Amicus Premium Edition software to the specific requirements of your firm.