Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Support

Annual Technical Support Plans allow for an unlimited number of incidents over the term of the plan. Thus annual plan members may call in as many times as they need to. However, Gavel and Gown reserves the right to limit the number of calls being placed by clients if they are deemed to be excessive when compared to the average monthly calls per customer.

Think of an “incident” as the solution to a problem on which you ask our help. Normally handled in a single phone call, but it may take several. Or you may raise two or more incidents in a single call. An incident is not “closed” until the problem is resolved. An “incident” is defined as any single product performance issue on which support is requested that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. An incident is limited to 20 minutes of customer service talk time after which another incident is commenced. An incident can be handled by telephone, fax or email.

Our technical support representatives will clearly identify with you each time you raise an incident, when it is closed, and how many you have left. If you have any questions about your incidents, just ask them.

Of course, if you buy an annual plan, you don't need to worry about incidents, since you are entitled to an unlimited number.

In every call we have with you we will do our best to ensure that you receive the complete assistance you require. Normally this can be done within about 15 minutes. When you call with a problem or a question, we will not only answer your questions, we will also help you locate extensive written sources of information such as our online documentation. These materials help us to provide a high level of service to all our clients.

We ask you to recognize that it is unfair to our other customers to ask a technical support representative to stay on the line and wait while you read these materials or follow recommended procedures. If a call looks like it may take longer than 15 minutes to complete we may have to ask you to schedule a time for a call back.

Annual Technical Support Plan members can use our email service for general questions. While it can be used for anything, we find it most effective for questions about features or “How To” types of inquiries. These are usually of a non-critical nature that do not require an immediate response but can be answered the next business day.

The address for this service is

The purpose of technical support calls is to assist you with problems, not to provide telephone training. Gavel & Gown does offer extensive training courses. If you are having difficulties we will do our best to give you information or guidance on how to use certain features within the product or advise you where you can find the necessary information to help yourself - for example the online tutorials. To be fair to all customers we must limit such calls to approximately 10 minutes to ensure that we are able to remain responsive to all our customers. If the topic is complicated and requires knowledge of third party software (e.g. accounting links) we will suggest alternatives such as contacting one of our certified consultants who have the expertise to provide this service and who can schedule the time necessary to cover the topic properly.

Our Call Center uses a telephone call queuing system, which means that customers are handled on a “first come, first served” basis. The odds of getting the same agent each call are low. However each agent enters detailed notes in your firm's call records. These notes allow any representative to carry on from the previous call. If you have concerns that an agent is going over the same ground as the previous agent simply bring it to his attention. The agent can then follow an alternative course of action or check with the first agent or his Team Leader to ensure you are provided with the best possible service.

Almost anything that can be handled over the telephone is included in the plans. Other levels of service are not. For example, if you send your database to us for analysis, or if we agree to send a representative on site, there are separate charges for those services.

Service is provided on business days (Monday to Friday, subject to statutory holidays) from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm (Eastern Time). Service may be obtained weekends between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on a pay-per-call basis for annual plan holders only. Please note that response times are not guaranteed for weekend service. If you are planning an activity for which you anticipate needing weekend service we strongly encourage you to call us in advance. We are happy to arrange fixed times for such calls.

Yes. However, to provide you with better service we ask that you designate someone at your firm as your designated Amicus technical support contact. More complex issues, including setup and link issues, should be made by this person.

If you have an existing technical support plan, and you add a new product, you must also purchase support for that product. This will ensure that all products are covered under your current technical support plan. Support can be added for $100 for the first seat and $50 for each additional seat.

Technical Support Plans can be purchased to cover the cost of all Amicus products (e.g., Amicus Attorney Small Firm Edition and Amicus Small Firm Accounting) used by your firm. The cost for two product support is $395 for the first user, and $145 for each additional user. This will cover the firm for any technical support issues that arise concerning either product.

If you have an existing Annual Technical Support Plan, and you add new users to your Amicus products, the equivalent number of additional Annual Technical Support Plan seats will also have to be added. This will ensure that new users are covered under your current plan.

Customers upgrading from earlier Amicus versions receive 30-days of free technical support or 3 service incidents, whichever comes first. This free support covers anything relating to the upgrade installation or conversion, but does not include setting up links to 3rd party products, training, or customization. These services can be purchased by contacting our Sales department at 800-472-2289 / 416-977-6633.

The Amicus Annual Technical Support Plan runs for 1 year from the date purchased. We will remind you when it is time to renew.

Of course. But the early days of adopting a new piece of software are when you might need our help the most. You will benefit from having a technical support plan in place so that there is no limit on your calls during this important time.

Gavel & Gown is committed to providing the highest possible quality service to all its customers. If a given customer is calling so much that in Gavel & Gown's view the calls are compromising its ability to properly service its other customers, Gavel & Gown retains the right to terminate any service plan and refund the balance of the service fee on a pro rata basis for the time left on the plan.

Gavel & Gown has a network of certified consultants who would be happy to help you with your Amicus family of products or with other technical solutions issues your firm may have. These consultants are independent contractors who normally charge for their services on an hourly fee basis. If you are seeking assistance from a systems integrator, we highly recommend that you choose one who has been certified by Gavel & Gown for working with Amicus software products. For a list of Amicus Certified Consultants, please visit the Find a Local Consultant webpage or contact our Sales Department at 800-472-2289 / 416-977-6633.