Patch R.01 (April 2012)

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2012
Amicus Premium Billing 2012

This cumulative Patch includes hot fixes for several issues as well as two new features: a Billing Balances Recalculate utility and new Custom Field attributes. For full descriptions, see the Patch Release Notes.


Recommended for users who need any of the listed hot fixes that apply this Patch. Suitable ONLY for those who are currently running:

  • Build 12.0.0

This Patch cannot be applied if you are currently running any other Version 2012 Build.
To check your Build Number in Amicus Attorney, go to Help > About Amicus.


  • The Patch will not trigger an update of the Workstations. It must be applied on every Workstation after you update the Server, as instructed.
  • You will also need to subsequently reapply the Patch in the following situations, in order to maintain matching software on all computers:
    • After installing a new Workstation, reapply the Patch at the Workstation.
    • After reinstalling an existing Workstation, reapply the Patch at the Workstation.
    • After installing Offline components at a Workstation, reapply the Patch at the workstation.
    • After reinstalling the Server, reapply the Patch at the Server.

Download Files

       Amicus Premium 2012 Patch R.01 (14 MB)

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