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As of May 8th, 2015 the User Forum will no longer be available.

We are working on creating a new resource section on our upcoming website.


The Amicus User Forum is a web-based forum dedicated to uniting Amicus customers and consultants where thoughts, ideas and resources can be shared. The User Forum enables discussion on specific subject matters as well as chat room participation. The User Forum is a peer support service based on community participation and is meant to complement, not replace, other avenues for customer service.


This forum is intended to be a constructive, informative and helpful tool for our customers and industry partners. For this reason, Gavel & Gown monitors content and enforces the following guidelines:

  • Gavel & Gown moderates the discussion groups, but since it is a peer-supported forum, we do not respond directly to questions posted to the forum. Amicus Technical Support continues to be the best avenue for support related inquires directly with Gavel & Gown Software. In order to ensure a positive environment for all participants, we request that all users refrain from sending messages containing the following:
    • Inflammatory or offensive language or references
    • Personal attacks against other discussion-group members
    • Unsolicited and off-topic messages
    • Discussions of software products other than Amicus
    • Test messages
  • Upon joining the User Forum, please “Edit Your Profile” and complete your information.
  • When posting a message, try to structure the “Topic” field so it reflects the message content.
  • Do not post messages that are WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS.
  • Do not “cast votes”. Participants are encouraged to express opinions that contribute to the overall discussion of a topic.
  • Evangelism - although it may be tempting to preach to others on the User Forum, this is not its purpose. Please refrain from using the User Forum as a forum for ranting.
  • Please remember that no one can hear the tone of your voice in an email message. “Do not rely on others to tell the difference between serious statements and satire or sarcasm.” You may use abbreviations such as IMHO (in my humble opinion) or FWIW (for what its worth) proceeding comments to prevent them from being offensive to others. You may also add emotions and emphasis by incorporating smilies ;-) or *asterisk* around words you wish to italicize.
  • Respect privacy. Please do not post private replies to the listserv. Although some feel this inhibits the flow of information, it is the individual's choice to respond to the group or to the individual. We must respect this choice.

Accounts will be activated upon verification by Gavel & Gown Software Inc.

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