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Do more

Lawyer productivity software
Improve your professional effectiveness with better tools for doing the job. Increase the ability of people in your firm to collaborate, share information and work as a team.

Bill more

More retainers, higher profits
More retainers thanks to better client service and improved business development. Higher profits from better time capture, better billing and better collections. Run your firm as a better business, without distracting you from your professional practice.

Go home early

Increased efficiency
Reduced administrative time. Ability to work from home if you need to. Confidence that everything is under control and nothing has been overlooked. Peace of mind. Sleep better at night.


Amicus products are world renowned for their intuitive approach, natural workflow and ease of use.


Amicus Premium is desktop software that is installed on your local PC. Everything about it is under your control. It runs faster and does more. Browser access gives it great mobility too. The more sophisticated your firm’s needs are, the more likely that Premium is better for you.
It’s perfect for you if:
  • You want the ultimate in practice management technology – a comprehensive solution that is powerful, flexible and scalable for firms of all sizes.
  • You have a server, or someone hosts a server for you. It is important to you to know you control that server and all the information on it.
  • You want the option for your practice to be fully mobile, but with all data remaining on your firm’s server.
  • You want deep assistance with your practice including sophisticated features, powerful automation and integration with desktop products like Microsoft Office® or on-premise accounting solutions.
  • You need comprehensive customization.
Amicus Cloud runs over the Internet in your browser, with nothing installed on your PC. It offers the ultimate in mobility, runs on many devices and requires little IT knowledge or infrastructure at your end. It is paid for by low monthly subscription. The less you want to think about computers, or the more you want to do everything anywhere anytime, the more likely that Cloud is better for you.
It’s perfect for you if:
  • You want a great practice management system, with an emphasis on simplicity and accessibility.
  • You prefer to pay by monthly subscription, with no up-front cost.
  • You want everything available to you anywhere, anytime, on almost any device.
  • You have confidence that Microsoft can maintain a server and protect its data better than you can. And you’d rather let them do it, so you don’t have to think about IT.
  • You want a Mac, iPad or tablet to be your primary work device.


Find out how Amicus pays for itself Use the Amicus price and return on investment calculator

Amicus Attorney customers tell us:

  • "Amicus practice management software is very comprehensive, functional, and practical for all types of legal professionals, from solos to large firms."

    Craig Call, Scheer & Montgomery, P.C.
  • "If you want to capture all of your lost time, this is the program to ensure that all of your time is accounted for. The only way to make sure your time is not billed is to ignore the program features."

    Adam I. Skolnik, Law Office of Adam I. Skolnik, P.A.
  • "Buy it now. Don't wait. You will be amazed at how much time it will save, and how it will help organize your practice."

    Robin Estes, Law Offices of Robin M. Estes
  • "There is no other product that does what Amicus Attorney Premium with billing does."

    Steve Long, Law Offices
  • "It is well worth the investment, the overall organization and billable time you'll gain from the purchase will give you a huge return."

    Stefanie Young, Men's Rights Law Firm
  • "Using Amicus Attorney increases your firm's profitability. It pays for itself with its ability to capture time entries for items you forgot."

    Seth Weston, Law Office of Seth C. Weston PLC
  • "I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent."

    Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Associates LLC
  • "I cannot imagine managing a law firm without Amicus Attorney. The graphics make it come alive."

    Steven Trolard, Steven Trolard & Assoc. PLC
  • "Amicus Attorney is a very user friendly and intuitive way to manage your law practice."

    Joseph Michael Dickerson, Attorney at Law
  • "I highly recommend Amicus Attorney to any firm looking to modernize and more effectively manage your law firm and case load."

    Greg Schwartz, Glassman, Bird, Schwartz & Park, LLP
  • "Easy to use and effective calendaring system that integrates with QuickBooks."

    Marilyn Powell, Viles Law Offices, LLC
  • "It is easy to use and a great way to organize your client information and calendar."

    Erika, Jiwa Law Corporation
  • "We would strongly recommend Amicus Attorney for your firm. We appreciate the interface of Amicus and the front office and back office functionality."

    Scott Berry, Berry Law Offices
  • "To be successful your firm requires a case management system and in my years of experience first as a law clerk and now as a lawyer is that Amicus Attorney is the best fit for a personal injury law firm."

    Roger Foisy, Roger R. Foisy Professional Corporation
  • "I would not be in practice without Amicus Attorney. It is the lifeline for enabling me to do what I do."

    Ken M. Kramer, KMK Law Corporation
  • "As a sole practitioner, I could not function without Amicus Attorney."

    Marc J. Littman, Marc J. Littman, P.C.
  • "I like it. Its worked for me for over 10 years. Support is great. I haven't seen any similar product that does everything that Amicus does for the price."

    Raymond Frost, Frost Law Office
  • "It is so good, you will be able to reduce your overhead by eliminating staff or by using office time more efficiently."

    David Levinson, Law Offices of L. David Levinson, P.C.
  • "Amicus will allow you to combine every aspect of your legal firm in one spot from access to all documents, events, people associated with file, time spent and portability"

    Sandra Burke, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Dept. of Law
  • "Amicus Attorney helps save time in finding information and keeps me on top of what needs to be done."

    Caren Schwartz, Time & Cents Consultants LLC

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