Take your practice to the next level by upgrading your Amicus Attorney Small Firm

If you are using an older version of Amicus Attorney Small Firm, there has never been a better time to upgrade. You have some great choices for how to upgrade, and all of them will help turn your practice into a powerhouse!

Here are some resources to help you choose.

Upgrade to a newer version of Small Firm

Lawyers like you have been benefiting from Amicus Attorney Small Firm edition for over 20 years. In that time there have been many upgrades, and many new features that help you practice law even better.

Here are some examples of great enhancements that have come out in recent upgrades. If you don’t have all these features, then you definitely need to upgrade.

Amicus Small Firm is a solid, reliable product that your practice depends on. You really should ensure it’s the best it can be.

Introducing Amicus Small Firm 2016

  • Unclutter Your Contact List 

    – Make your contact list more manageable
    – Hide older contacts from active contact lists, but still including them in conflict checks

  • Interactive Reminders 

    – Get immediate and meaningful feedback on things that need attention
    – See if you have any appointments, tasks / deadlines today, or unposted time entries and more

  • Office Module Navigation 

    – Access Preferences, Setup, Master Documents and Reports in a single click
    – Open another office, go on and offline and pack and unpack your Amicus Briefcase

  • Add to File in a Single Click 

    – Quickly associate contacts, phone calls, messages, email, time entries, notes, tasks and appointments to a file with a single click

  • Attach Documents to Email 

    – Select an Amicus document as an attachment when emailing Amicus contacts

  • Stay Compatible with Updated Links 

    – Updated third party products links to support current versions
    – Support for Office 2016 and Adobe DC

Track time in Amicus - on your smartphone!

  • Capture billable time you were losing before thanks to being able to track it anywhere, anytime – all you need is your smartphone.
  • Easy smartphone interface that connects real-time to your Amicus, so the minute you do a time entry, it’s in Amicus at the office.
  • Amicus TimeTracker is an extension of Amicus that works in the browser on your smartphone. It is one of the many benefits of having a Maintenance plan with your Amicus Small Firm.

Time Entry Assistant

  • Capture billable time for everything – nothing falls through the cracks!
  • Amicus lists for you all activities that do not have a time entry over whatever time period you select.
  • With a click you create that missing time entry.
  • You can even do multiple time entries for many items in the list at once – with a single “Time Saver” click!

Phone messages by email

  • Alert team members about new phone messages via email, so you can be confident that phone messages are being received – promptly. 
  • Of course, messages will also appear in the recipients’ communications lists. 
  • And if marked urgent, a Sticky will also be sent.

Automated mass emails

  • Create customizable email messages to one or more of your contacts using Amicus Attorney information. 
  • Simply select the appropriate template and have your Amicus data automatically merged into the appropriate fields directly into your email message. 
  • Everything you like about Document Assembly, but now accessible for email messages!

Documents module

  • The Documents module gives you better control of your documents, making it easier than ever to locate, retrieve and work with documents – from a single consolidated location.
  • In a single click you can open, edit and print documents, add new or delete existing documents and create time entries. All without having to open the file details!
  • Easily search documents on files using the full-text search or by document profile search. And for a more targeted search, from a filtered list. Search results show the document title, the associated files and the actual name and date of the document.

PDF integration

  • An Amicus Tasks toolbar is now available directly from within Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. 
  • Similar to the Microsoft Office toolbar, the Amicus Tasks toolbar in Adobe Reader/Acrobat gives you the ability to:

     – associate a PDF with files or your Amicus library
     – view related file or library details
     – send a PDF as an email attachment from Adobe to your Amicus contacts

Hyperlinked navigation

  • File names on Appointments and Tasks in the Calendar are now hyperlinked so you can quickly and easily access file information from your calendar and from most event lists without having to open their details. 
  • Only those assigned to the file will be granted access.

Referrals management

  • From a contact record, you can see at a glance a complete list of all matter files that person has referred to your firm.

Updated links

Amicus Attorney Small Firm integrates with the latest version of many third-party products including:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • WordPerfect
  • HotDocs
  • PCLaw
  • QuickBooks
  • Timeslips
  • Tabs 3
  • Juris
  • Adobe Acrobat
While you’re thinking about upgrading, there are ways to make your practice even better.

Your Amicus Small Firm can also be upgraded into either Amicus Premium or Amicus Cloud, taking all your data with you and opening up whole new vistas in how you manage your practice.

Upgrade to Amicus Premium

As an Amicus Small Firm customer, you know and value the many benefits that Amicus Attorney brings to your law firm. Those benefits are multiplied many times over with the Premium Edition.

It’s a natural upgrade path for you. Premium was built on everything that made Small Firm great, and took it to a new level. 

With Premium, your firm will be noticeably more efficient, better organized, more flexible in how you work and more profitable. You’ll be comfortable that everything is still done in the Amicus way, and you will gain:

Fantastic Mobility

  • Manage your practice from anywhere, anytime on any computer or tablet, using just a browser.

     – Of course, there’s also a great (and familiar) Windows interface when you’re using your PC at the office.

  • All the mobility advantages of the cloud, with the security and power of the world’s leading desktop solution.
  • Your data is safely stored under your control on your server – not in the cloud.
  • If you’ve got an iPad, you’ve got your practice (& all your documents!) with you.
  • Track time on your smartphone too!
  • One of the many benefits of Amicus Premium with an Amicus Advantage Plan.

Great Client Service

  • Easily share information with your clients via the Amicus Client Portal
  • Your clients will be able to use a browser to log into a secure entry point as part of the legal services you provide them.
  • You choose what they can see (or if they can use it at all).
  • Secure, encrypted communications with your clients – much safer than email.
  • Work faster, more collaboratively and demonstrate value to your clients.
  • One of the many benefits of Amicus Premium with an Amicus Advantage Plan.

Better Workflow

  • Premium dynamically adjusts to any screen size

     – Fills the screen – more space for more information makes you more efficient.
     – Supports high-res monitors with easy-to-read fonts.

  • Everything is laid out so you can get what you want with fewer clicks.
  • You can have multiple files and contacts open at the same time.
  • Intelligent shortcuts

     – E.g. the “drop zone” for entering all contact info in one click

  • Global searches
  • Mass changes
  • Administer directly from within Amicus (no need for a separate application)

Superior Collaboration

  • Firm-wide information on Contacts
  • Change notifications on events
  • Dynamic group assignments
  • Role-based precedents

More Customization

  • Premium gives you unlimited custom fields

     – Small Firm is limited to 20 on Contacts and 50 on Files

  • Premium gives you custom records

     – These add fantastic flexibility for tracking almost anything within Amicus
     – E.g. medical expenses, shareholders, exhibits…
     – Small Firm does not have these at all

  • Premium’s easy layout designer makes custom information more accessible
  • Custom reports with SQL Report Writer

Better Business Insight

  • Business development features include referrals management
  • Firm-wide reports help you understand your firm’s business as a whole
  • Time entry statistics are graphically illustrated
  • File to File relationships

The Option of Premium Billing

  • Integrated billing, collections and trust that works the way lawyers do
  • Powerful reports that give you insight into your practice
  • Optimum workflow – both sides of your practice in one consistent, helpful system
  • Common database means no link, no sync – shared information enhances both
  • One vendor to deal with
  • Alternatively, use one of the enhanced links with leading accounting systems

Better Technology

  • Built on Microsoft SQL – the most stable, reliable, scalable, flexible and secure database in the world.
  • Premium’s SQL database is “relational”.

     – While that has many technical advantages, it matters to you because the things you do often relate to more than other item – e.g. contacts or files – at the same time.
     – Small Firm can only show them on one at a time. Premium can relate anything to as many different things as you need.
     – E.g. a phone call – you may have 2 clients on the same call, speaking of the 3 matters you are working on for them. In Small Firm you can only show 1 contact and 1 file on a call record, so to make sure your notes of this call were in the right place, you would have to create 6 phone call records. But with Premium, just make one note, and it will appear everywhere you need it.

  • Premium has no size limit

     – The Small Firm database can only get so big. Firms actively using Amicus over the years can hit its ceiling, requiring information to be archived.

  • Premium uses the latest computer environments (e.g. .Net, SQL, XML, HTML5, Azure, and more), so it has the best compatibility with current systems, and is positioned to grow with whatever tomorrow’s computing has to offer.
  • Works in Terminal Services, Citrix and similar hosted environments
  • Server-side Exchange link works with hosted or private Exchange

Great Links with other tools you use every day

  • Links with Google, DropBox, Worldox, CompuLaw, Exchange and more
  • Terrific Microsoft Office integration
  • The latest and best legal accounting integrations
Amicus Small Firm and Premium share all the same core features, although each is deeper and richer in Premium.

And there are many more in Premium that are not available in Small Firm.

Upgrade to Amicus Cloud

You have a small law firm. You appreciate all the benefits Amicus brings to your practice, but you’d like to be able to have them without ever thinking about technology. Even better, you’d like to be able to use Amicus anywhere, anytime, on almost any device.

Here’s good news: now you can. Amicus Attorney Small Firm can be upgraded to Amicus Cloud. Amicus Cloud is the next generation of Amicus for small law firms. Built on over 20 years’ experience of what small firms need, it has the same friendly, easy approach that you are used to. Some of the many advantages of upgrading to Amicus Cloud include:

Even Better Mobility

  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • On almost any device

Hassle Free

  • Nothing to install
  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • All maintenance and backups done for you
  • Always up to date – you never have to upgrade again
  • Unlimited support

Great Features

  • All the standard features of Amicus
  • Many capabilities which are only possible because of the unique design
  • New features are constantly added, responding to requests from users like you
  • Incredible integration with many apps on all your devices

Integrated Billing

  • Integrated Billing, Collections & Trust too
  • Link to QuickBooks
  • Or keep using your desktop products for this if you want to
  • Freedom to work the way you want to

Phenomenal Email Integration

  • Email is vital to a law practice – so it is built into the fabric of Amicus Cloud
  • Amicus Cloud, Outlook, Apple Mail, your smartphone – all run off the same database

     – Not a link, not a sync – it’s live

  • Use whichever you like whenever you like – they all see and share the same information

     – Amicus helps you organize, manage and bill for it, wherever you did the work

  • No other cloud or desktop product has this

Business Continuity

  • No matter what happens to your office, your practice is available
  • Microsoft keeps the servers running
  • The environment is always stable & controlled

Total Security

  • More secure than your own network or PC
  • Built on Microsoft Azure

     – World’s most secure cloud platform
     – Physical & cyber security 2nd to none
     – Triply redundant servers & geo-replication
     – Security conscious companies like NASA, Boeing & Verisign all use it too

  • Separate SQL database for each firm
  • Microsoft themselves have no access to your data
  • 256 bit encryption


  • Low monthly fee
  • Pay as you go
  • Cancel anytime

Easy Transition

  • Similar to installing a normal upgrade
  • Conversion takes ALL your Amicus Small Firm data and puts it into Amicus Cloud
  • All relationships are maintained
  • Even precedents are converted!
  • Document assembly templates (Word) can be too
  • Of course there’s a new interface to adjust to – but it follows the Amicus approach you already know.
  • Lots of videos available to help
  • Unlimited support too
  • Free trial!
All the advantages of a cloud solution.

All your data and history.

All the confidence that it’s Amicus.

Interested in upgrading? Watch these videos to learn more

If you’re an Amicus Premium user, please visit the Amicus Premium Upgrade page

Amicus Attorney customers tell us:

  • "Amicus practice management software is very comprehensive, functional, and practical for all types of legal professionals, from solos to large firms."

    Craig Call, Scheer & Montgomery, P.C.
  • "If you want to capture all of your lost time, this is the program to ensure that all of your time is accounted for. The only way to make sure your time is not billed is to ignore the program features."

    Adam I. Skolnik, Law Office of Adam I. Skolnik, P.A.
  • "Buy it now. Don't wait. You will be amazed at how much time it will save, and how it will help organize your practice."

    Robin Estes, Law Offices of Robin M. Estes
  • "There is no other product that does what Amicus Attorney Premium with billing does."

    Steve Long, Law Offices
  • "It is well worth the investment, the overall organization and billable time you'll gain from the purchase will give you a huge return."

    Stefanie Young, Men's Rights Law Firm
  • "Using Amicus Attorney increases your firm's profitability. It pays for itself with its ability to capture time entries for items you forgot."

    Seth Weston, Law Office of Seth C. Weston PLC
  • "I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent."

    Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Associates LLC
  • "I cannot imagine managing a law firm without Amicus Attorney. The graphics make it come alive."

    Steven Trolard, Steven Trolard & Assoc. PLC
  • "Amicus Attorney is a very user friendly and intuitive way to manage your law practice."

    Joseph Michael Dickerson, Attorney at Law
  • "I highly recommend Amicus Attorney to any firm looking to modernize and more effectively manage your law firm and case load."

    Greg Schwartz, Glassman, Bird, Schwartz & Park, LLP
  • "Easy to use and effective calendaring system that integrates with QuickBooks."

    Marilyn Powell, Viles Law Offices, LLC
  • "It is easy to use and a great way to organize your client information and calendar."

    Erika, Jiwa Law Corporation
  • "We would strongly recommend Amicus Attorney for your firm. We appreciate the interface of Amicus and the front office and back office functionality."

    Scott Berry, Berry Law Offices
  • "To be successful your firm requires a case management system and in my years of experience first as a law clerk and now as a lawyer is that Amicus Attorney is the best fit for a personal injury law firm."

    Roger Foisy, Roger R. Foisy Professional Corporation
  • "I would not be in practice without Amicus Attorney. It is the lifeline for enabling me to do what I do."

    Ken M. Kramer, KMK Law Corporation
  • "As a sole practitioner, I could not function without Amicus Attorney."

    Marc J. Littman, Marc J. Littman, P.C.
  • "I like it. Its worked for me for over 10 years. Support is great. I haven't seen any similar product that does everything that Amicus does for the price."

    Raymond Frost, Frost Law Office
  • "It is so good, you will be able to reduce your overhead by eliminating staff or by using office time more efficiently."

    David Levinson, Law Offices of L. David Levinson, P.C.
  • "Amicus will allow you to combine every aspect of your legal firm in one spot from access to all documents, events, people associated with file, time spent and portability"

    Sandra Burke, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Dept. of Law
  • "Amicus Attorney helps save time in finding information and keeps me on top of what needs to be done."

    Caren Schwartz, Time & Cents Consultants LLC

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